Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fabric & Flowers

Good News! The skies finally cleared and I headed to High Point on Wednesday.  Saw lots of great new things. Dransfield & Ross has amazing new pillows!! Hand Painted on Leather ~ Gorgeous.  From what I hear a lot of showrooms had the best market they've had in recent years so I'm praying that's a sign that times are changin'...

I stopped by Charlotte's somewhat new IKEA on the way back home on Wednesday and found this amazing fabric.  I'm thinking Bed Skirt and Euros for my master bedroom...

Any ideas on a paint color?? Currently the walls are orange and I'm afraid that's going to have to go... It'll look too much like Halloween.   

 Besides I have an awful habit of getting sick and tired of room colors.  This will be the fourth time I have painted the master bedroom and we have almost lived here two years.  YIKES!

Homemade Flower arrangement from my Husband's 30th birthday
 Bought the sunflowers at Mayesh, our wholesale florist, and had the vase from flower's I had done for an engagement party last year.  (I gave the bride the other large vase and the votives but I had to keep one for myself!  She is a good friend so every time I use it I think of her and the party ~ It was a good one!)  The fun part about the arrangement are the green tendrils cascading out of the vase.  I had a lot of questions as to what this is...  Drum Roll Please ..............  Curly willow from my neighbor's tree!! Technically it's not stealing if it's on your side of the fence, right?? 

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