Sunday, April 10, 2011


Check out these new and amazing additions that we installed in our house yesterday!

Vintage Lucite Pendants
My bosses found these on a buying trip and thought that I would love them.  And I did!! Just the right amount of funky... we had them rewired and my Hubby installed them yesterday.  They are on a dimmer switch - a MUST.  Lighting can set the mood - it can give you ambiance for a dinner party or bright light if you are cooking. 

Close up shot

Ocean Print in the Master
Corner shot of the master bedroom.  I know yesterday I posted the fabric I was going to use for a bed skirt and euros - but that fabric will have to go into another room. This print is PERFECT!!  It ties everything together and the orange and turquoise are a great color combo. 

Don't you Just LOVE IT!?!?

Change is one of the things I love about design. You can find something that will totally change what you think you want to do.  And that's OK... Design is constantly evolving and as long as you buy pieces you love they will always have a place in your home.  (Even if it has to sit in a closet for a little while... like my Fabric!)

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