Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrifty Finds


Vintage Chair - Local CLT Shop - $50
I found this chair at my local consignment shop that I check out constantly. 
I like the two tone green paint but this fabric has GOT to GO! Currently the chair resides in our guest room/office awaiting the day it meets the upholsterer.

Vintage Turquoise Lamp - $22 EBay
Bought this lamp in a major bidding war on EBay.  I had a few bidding wars and have to give EBay a rest, but this lamp was a good deal.  I bought a new shade and harp locally and now have the perfect lamp for my desk.

Solid Brass Fighting Cocks - Church Yard Sale - $6
My momma (AB) found these at a Church Yard Sale.  Aren't they FABULOUS?!? Definitely wish I had found these for myself.  Anything sculpture is a great addition to a bookshelf - statement piece!

Local CLT Shop - Remnant Fabric - $15 for 3 yards
I wish I could afford all the amazing fabric I come in contact with on a day to day basis... but let's face it, the majority is way out of my price range.  When I saw this fabric I was immediately drawn to the color.  I definitely don't wear a lot of pink.  And purple is not my favorite color but recently I have been totally drawn to it.  I'm wanting pops of magenta everywhere!! 
(Maybe recover the green chair with this fabric...... Now there's an idea)

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