Friday, October 14, 2011

Travel in STYLE

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
I am hopping on the train this afternoon shortly after work and relaxing in comfort on the way to visit my family in Raleigh.
I can not wait! The train is my favorite way to travel for a weekend visit especially when it's just me.  Just to be able to sit back and read a book or do a crossword puzzle and not have to worry about driving or traffic (Friday at five o'clock trying to leave Charlotte on 85 North is a nightmare! ~ especially when it is a race weekend which it is this weekend.)

Does anyone remember back in the day when people actually dressed up to travel???  Everyone looked nice and it was actually a treat to travel.  These days I see people in ratty jeans and hoodie sweatshirts two sizes too big, people who look like they have just woken up with no shower, etc. and it really irks me.  I know we don't all have style or care what we wear but it would be nice to put a little thought into you outfit when you travel.  You NEVER know who you may meet or what adventure waits around the corner.
  I put a lot of thought into my travel outfit for today especially because I am being treated to dinner when I arrive in Raleigh.  Granted I based the outfit on my black skinny jeans but I have snazzed it up with black patent leather pumps, a vintage horizontal striped blouse, and my favorite leather jacket. 
It's no suit but I feel good!

Now it's time for inspiration photos

Sophisticated California Style
image via

Let's face it... the girl always look good!
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I LOVE this vintage Photo ~ Don't they look cute all dressed up??
Very Chic
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Ok ~ This is not so realistic... it's a shot of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love
(BTW I loved that movie!! It made me want to pack my bags and see the world.  You only live once.)
I would give anything to be there right now.  One day... very soon.


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