Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calypso Cottage, Beaufort NC

This weekend my hubby and I attended a wedding at Atlantic Beach NC. We had the best time!!! It was a beautiful wedding and true to my earring post from Thursday we definitely did A LOT of dancing.  My feet are killing me but it was well worth it!!!  

 My husband played golf Friday with all the groomsmen so that left me with a day to myself to do whatever I pleased.  My mother in law had heard about a cute shop in Beaufort (a short drive from the beach house) and we decided to check it out. What a great find!!!!!!!! Calypso Cottage is a cute home accessory store with all things you could possibly want or need. Originally we went to look for a few things to finish my mother in law's outdoor living room (more on that later) but left with so much more.

Stacy, the owner, moved from the Hampton's and you get the beach vibe right when you walk in the door.   It's nestled in the heart of Beaufort in a small cottage.  She even has a fenced in patio off the back where she has jewelry shows and wine tastings!!! There are old wooden oars hanging on the walls and even an old harpoon that she brought down from the Hampton's.  She also makes AMAZING jewelry!!  She was a very neat lady to meet with lots of fun life experiences that she shared with us.  Below are some pics of the shop... don't you LOVE all the fun colors???

If you are ever in Beaufort NC I highly recommend visiting Calypso Cottage!!!
BTW... this is what I left with ;)

How was your weekend??? Any fun finds you would like to share???

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  1. When I saw those cute clutches I KNEW you would get one!