Friday, June 24, 2011


Frustration Friday...  I have so many design projects around the house that I need to finish and it's driving me crazy!! The office makeover I posted about here,
 has not even started... well that's not entirely true.  The fabric for the window panels went to the seamstress yesterday (thank goodness!) 

 Summer is the traveling season and we have been out of town four out of five weekends. Not complaining... we have had REALLY AWESOME weekends but it makes you feel like you've abandoned your home.  You know what I mean??  Do you feel that way too at times??

So, this weekend I am going to paint the office and chandelier.  We should have the drapes in a few weeks and maybe this home office will start to come together!!  HOPEFULLY!

Check out some before pics...
It's A LOT rustic but please keep in mind this was my husband's man cave before we decided to combine our office space.  He actually hand made his desk ~ Very Talented!

Will Post a few in progress shots by Sunday!
(Now that I've told you I'll have to follow through and get started painting this weekend!!)



  1. OOOooo good luck! I can't wait to see the "afters."

  2. Starting a design project can be very frustrating when you've got no proper plan and time for it. But once you get everything in its perfect place, you can start the project as soon as possible. Uour office is a bit darker. I think it just needs some brightness in there for it to look fab.