Monday, June 13, 2011

Dining Al Fresco

'Tis the Season... Not for trimming the tree but for trimming your outdoor dining area.  Candles, soft music, crickets in the distance, good food, great Friends, and fine wine. 
Sound like something you may be interested in??

There is something sensual about eating outdoors.  It can take an ordinary dinner and transfer it instantly to a memory.  My birthday is late March and every year growing up my family would grill out for my birthday.  My dad would grill shish kabobs and my mom would set the table under our canopy of wisteria on the back deck.  We usually had to grab a jacket by the end of the night but they are memories we will cherish always. 

One night soon plan a grill menu and head to the outdoors with no TV and NO phones... yes that includes texting and emails.  Remember how simple life was before we were all so constantly available to one another.

And above all... Get Inspired!

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