Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Umbrella Stands??

My grandmother Honey, as she was known to us, had a wonderful Umbrella Stand with all kind of canes and umbrellas.  Her stand was very old with a Chinese Motif and the colors of Mottahedah's Tobacco Leaf. This umbrella stand memory has stuck with me for all these years and it reminds me of life during a different age. 

I'm Loving the fact that Elle decor is featuring Umbrella Stands. Of course these are updated for current design.  Black and White Chevron with the burnt orange interior is my favorite.  What about you??


This stand is by Wayland Greggory. We just picked up this line for Decade... Darnell & Company's retail store.  Lots of beautiful items!!

My Husband would love this one!


I'm probably going to keep my eyes out for one of these while thrifting!

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  1. I love that blue and gold one! My great-aunt always had the prettiest umbrellas with large fake jewels in their handles...who makes those these days?