Sunday, May 15, 2011


Our fixer upper 50's era house has a lot of charm but when we purchased the home you had to look super hard past the state of the home to see that charm.  The floors weren't caving in by any means but the house was in desperate need of a makeover.  You've seen the before and after of the kitchen (a major undertaking) so today I wanted to share a makeover that can be done in a weekend... a bookshelf.  

This particular bookshelf is at the end of our hallway so it better look amazing because we are going to be looking at it about a hundred times a day.  Originally it was stained brown and to begin you have to prime the stained wood before you can paint.  If you do not prime the wood, the paint will not adhere properly and in time will begin to peel off. My bookshelf was adjustable to I took out all of the shelves and started priming... I even primed the adjustable hooks so they would blend in.  Once you have primed you can paint the shelves and case any color you dream of.  I debated on whether to paint the back of the case a contrasting color but I decided not to since I wanted my collection of Murano glass to POP!!  Another idea would be to install a fabric on the back of the case... Maybe burlap or linen.  I even considered putting mirror on the back but let's be realistic... who wants to clean that?!?!?

Check out the before and after....

(OK, Ellie loves the camera! I swear I didn't set this up... she noticed me taking pictures and sat right down and gave me that look.  She was born to be a star ~ or at least she thinks so!)

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