Saturday, May 21, 2011

Office Makeover

Ever since I was a little girl I have been decorating.  My parents would come home from work and I would have completely rearranged my room.  I seriously think we painted it once every two years... pink to yellow back to pink and then finally when I got my "Big Girl Room" pale green walls and a sky blue ceiling.  I LOVED THAT ROOM!! Fun and Cheery!

The reason I am mentioning all this now is that last night after work I had an idea...  One that I'm sure my husband was thrilled to hear (yeah right!)  My idea was to merge our offices to one room and devote the second bedroom to a true guest room.  I know you are thinking, duh, why didn't you do that in the first place.  But I'm telling you, moving in with someone and trying to merge your two lives together takes a while.  It's all about give and take.

So last night we moved furniture!! A chair into the guest room and my desk into the office.  It's not as easy as that.  Of course now I get to come up with a design scheme for the office that is a mix between feminine and masculine.  And I think I've got it!

First, I'm going to paint the walls a high gloss white.  The ceiling will be the same color as our guest bath right across the hall... Gobi Desert. 

I also found this amazing fabric that I'm going to use and make a cornice board (we have curtains in every other room in the house... I need to jazz something up!) 

image via Mary Mac

I bought a vintage chandelier last year to hang in the master... It didn't work there so I'm thinking of slapping some high gloss white paint on it and using it in the new office.

For a floor covering we are going to use the cowhide that is currently in the office.  Going to lay it out at an angle to give the room a little pizazz...

Cowhide Rug

The artwork is going to be tricky... Our current office also serves as my husband's "Man Cave."  Yes, I said Man Cave.  Every man deserves one room that is his and free from our decorating style. While I'm joining this cave I don't want to take it over. That means I'm stuck with battlefield prints, fraternity photos, and a mounted deer head.   I can handle the photos and I have to admit I really like Henry (the deer).  He adds character and goes along with the color scheme, so why not?

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  1. Look forward to seeing this when it is completed.