Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ebay Finds

Last week I purchased matching Vintage earrings and necklace off Ebay.  I wore the earrings to work yesterday and got TONS of compliments.  To tell you the truth I was a little worried the set looked like something a three year old would have made with pasta.  But turns out the buy was a success!
This is a picture of the set I purchased:

Vintage Jewelry currently on Ebay
Check it out!

Rhinestone Brooch
Bidding starting at $5.99

Yellow Enamel Clip-on Earrings
Bidding starts at $4.99

Dogwood Earrings (brooch included)
Bidding starts at $39.99

Orange and Peach Earbobs (Love that word... Reminds me of my grandmother.  She always used that word!)
Bidding starts at $14.99

Green and Clear Rhinestone Earrings
Bidding starts at $7.99

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm off to shop for fabric!  See ya~

images via ebay

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  1. I think you should get the brooch. It would be beautiful on a black dress or on winter white. The stones look like aquamarines.