Monday, May 2, 2011

The Queen's Cup

Saturday Morning our dog, Ellie, preformed at the Queen's Cup with Star Dog.  The owner picked 20 dogs to preform agility runs, catch frisbees, and pull carts.  It was a blast and we got a pretty big crowd cheering us on.  
Dog Parade just before showtime.  We are fifth from the left... I have on the big brown and white hat.

Penn and Ellie waiting to run the agility course.

Just finishing up! I wish I had gotten a picture of Ellie playing tug of war with the leash when she was supposed to be running the course.... The crowd liked it and she got lots of laughs and cheers!

Ellie and me

The agility course.... check out that crowd!!

Andy and Sadie catching frisbees.

Ellie lounging in the pool after her run

A very Happy Dog!  Fun day!

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