Friday, May 27, 2011

Infuse Personality

Have you ever stared down your hallway and thought, "There must be something better I can do with this space"? Well turns out there is... a great way to infuse some personality into a blank hallway is to add some personal touches.  Black and white photos!!

Guests will love seeing a glimpse into the most memorable moments of your family's life and it's easy and affordable.  You don't have to have enough photos to do your entire wall ~ start small and as photos touch a place in your heart add them to your wall.  One of my favorite photos is a picture of my mom and my two aunts when there were little girls sitting with my grandmother. 

I prefer to use black frames with white or off white matte.  However, a way to infuse some excitement is to change the frame color... maybe Red??  I would keep the color of the frame consistent so the hallway has unity.  However, this is a place where asymmetry ROCKS!! Don't hang everything in perfect rows and columns ~ use different sizes of frames and hang them so they are becoming to the eye but not like they were meant for a straight jacket!! I also suggest laying the photos out on the floor to make sure you like the arrangement.  It beats putting several "accidental" holes in your wall... 
Also a black and white sketch or piece of art is always nice too.

See some shots of my hallway
 (I am hoping to capture some new photos this weekend to add to it!)

I want to eventually do floor to ceiling... I need to start snapping away!

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