Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In an effort to bring production back to the good old United States my family and I are making a VERY big effort not to purchase products that are made in China.  Do you know how hard that it is??  Clothes especially.  I spent 20 minutes flipping through racks looking for Yoga Pants not made in China.  I finally found a pair that was made in the USA and they were about $1 - $2 more but I bought them.  I couldn't find a sports bra not made in China so I didn't buy one.
I challenge you to join our efforts and buy USA or at least don't buy products made in China.

High Point Furniture Market has even dedicated a floor (not much room at all) for products specifically made in the United States.  I will be sure to check it out and report back!
My Hubby and I are on the search to find end tables for our new sofa in our living room and I found these awesome babies!  And proudly in the description is "Made in USA"!!!

image via Crate & Barrel

Also available in Cobalt:
image via Crate & Barrel

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