Friday, September 16, 2011


I am in LOVE with this room!! I think what draws me to this the most are these amazing wrap around windows.  This room must be on a higher level of the house... look at that view ~ In the tree tops. Amazing!
Another thing I love is the actual design of the windows... the big panels of glass are stunning.  We have french doors in the dining room with 12 panes and they are such a PAIN to clean.  I would prefer french doors based on this design.  You live and learn.
The banquette, chairs, and table are all killer!!  I'm especially drawn to the vintage chairs.

Oh Goodness... Would you not die to have a rooftop lounge of your very own?!?  This is absolutely gorgeous.  Pink is all over the magazines but what I'm drawn to is the actual rooftop lounge.  Would love to have this.

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  1. I bet your 12 pane french doors are prettier though!!