Thursday, September 8, 2011

Graham & Brown

I have stumbled on the most amazing source for wallpaper... Graham & Brown!
They have the funkiest paper I have ever seen.  Black and white frames that you or your kids can color any way you want... super cute in a kids bathroom!  A textured paper that you can paint over to match your decor.  Not to mention bright colors and funky patterns.

I'm obsessing over all of these.....

Frames : Black & White Wallpaper
Frames: Black & White

Darcy: White & Silver Wallpaper
Darcy: White & Silver
Curvy Paintable WallpaperLacework - ocean color way
Lacework: Ocean

Helsinki : Beige Wallpaper
Helsinki: Beige

Trippy : Orange Wallpaper
Trippy Orange

Mystique : Green Wallpaper
Mystique: Green Wallpaper

Vivid : Black & White Wallpaper
Vivid: Black & White

Soma : Multi Colored Wallpaper
Soma: Multicolored

Trippy: Purple Wallpaper
Trippy Purple

Solitude: Beige Wallpaper
Symmetry : Green & Beige Wallpaper
Symmetry: Green & Beige

Charm: Teal Wallpaper
Charm: Teal

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