Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun Rooms

Just a few fun room photos for today!

This bedroom is in a tiny apartment in NYC and the space has all been used but it doesn't look crowded.  By keeping the majority of the walls, furniture, and bedding white it prevents the room from looking junky.  And the painting above the bed and the leopard stools at the foot of the bed compliment one another but also form the focal point of the room.  And I love the gallery art wall!

This shot looks like it came right out of the 60's but for some reason I love it.  The chocolate brown rug is so great and the hint of lavender makes the room. 
The below living room is so chic! I love how everything is a neutral pallet
except the green accessories and pink flowers.  I can not stress enough how much I love a neutral room... I am a sucker for change and a neutral room makes it so easy to switch out your accessories to get a totally different look!  Love this cocktail table too.

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