Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Design Q & A

A friend asked me a design question yesterday giving me a thought.... Why not start a design Q & A right here on Boddrick's Roost???
Please send in any design questions or unsolved design dilemmas you may have and I will do my best to answer!  Pictures Welcomed! You can email me at boddricksroost@gmail.com

The question I received yesterday was, "Do the lamps in your bedroom need to be taller than your headboard?"

There are so many different aspects to take into consideration...
Do you have an extremely tall headboard?
What is your focal point above your bed?  A series of art, a window, or a sunburst mirror maybe??  

As long as the lamps are proportionate to the headboard and what is above the bed (if anything) then you are good.  What you don't want is an enormous canopy bed paired with tiny squatty lamps or vice versa.  It just won't look right.  Trust your eye... if you think your lamps look squatty try stacking coffee table books underneath them or find a Lucite block to place underneath something to add height.  And if you think your lamps are tall find a cool piece of vertical art or a vertical mirror to anchor them.

 Below are some inspiration pictures with lamps being taller and smaller than the headboard and one picture even has pendants hanging instead of lamps at all.
A million ways to go....








Please send in any questions you may have!!!

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  1. Great q and a! Lucite blocks...that is something I hadn't thought of...where would one procure lucite blocks from?